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Wally West
Fastest Man Alive
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15th-Dec-2020 07:29 pm - How's My Driving? // Contact
/hides behind logo
Anon on, IP logging off, anonymous comments screened. Concrit is always appreciated, or you can contact me here for plotting, questions, anything at all.
22nd-Jul-2011 07:00 pm - Twenty Second Race - The End
the thinker
[ Video ]

[ Wally is holding a pen cap. In fact, he's considering the pen cap very seriously. ]

You know, my powers have changed a lot over the years. And they never really made sense. But the one thing I still can't figure out is why now, and never before, every time I vibrate through something--

[ There's a blur of motion, barely noticable, and the pen cap falls. ]

--it explodes.

[ The pen cap explodes before it even hits the ground, fortunately far enough away from anything to avoid causing damage.]

I know we've got some really smart people on board. Maybe you can--

[ Without any indication of why, the screen goes black. For those able to check remotely, the communicator doesn't even exist anymore. Wally is gone, and so is his room and all his things. All that's left is a pen in the art room, missing a cap. ]
4th-Jul-2011 12:47 pm - Twenty First Race
the thinker
[ Warden Filter ]

I'm curious. How many of you have kids back home? Or had someone to take care of, anything like that. I'm in a bit of a unique situation because when I first came here I wasn't even in a relationship, and now I'm married with kids, but I think it's done a lot towards helping my inmate. I'm not saying we should treat our inmates like they're our kids, but it's something to think about.

[ Private to David ]

Still grounded, kiddo?

[ Private to Drake ]

I was looking back over our old conversations, and I'd completely forgotten about that assignment I gave you. Made many friends yet?
17th-Jun-2011 11:28 am - Second Vacation
VERY cool
[ Video ]

I was going to say I could stand to be slowed down for a trip off the barge, but it looks like that wasn't a problem this time. I guess the barge is less predictable than I gave it credit for.

[ So he says, but he looks happy to still have his speed. He glances around behind him at the super cool wonderland that is this place... ]

If anybody sees a manic looking magician calling himself Abracadabra, give me a call, would you? This place looks just a bit before his time, but who knows. In the mean time, I'm gonna have a look around.

[ He's about to turn off the feed, but then something occurs to him. ]

That's right, I almost forgot. I can lend my speed to people, one or two without losing too much as long as you stay in contact. It's been a long time since there's been any place this interesting for me to run around, so if anybody's interested in some sight-seeing on a larger scale, just let me know!
7th-Jun-2011 11:30 am - Twentieth Race
have you seen my muscles?
[ Oh no! A sad face! ]

Bad news, guys. I asked, and the Admiral says no pizza party.

[ He pauses for the inevitable sigh of disappointment before turning determined. ]

But Dracula's right, we could use a decent party. I know a few people who can supply music. What do you say, Kitchens? Cook us up something special? [ And a grin, ] I can handle the clean up no problem.

How's tomorrow night sound? Nobody has anything malevolent or insidious planned, I hope?
28th-May-2011 06:21 pm - Nineteenth Race
why am i sitting still
[ Video ]

[ He's not even looking at the screen. Wally just looks bored and hungry. ]

Hello, hello, is anybody listening to me...

Just forget it. If this goes on any longer I don't care who loses rations, I'm taking as much food as I want. It's not my fault the kitchen forgot about me. Maybe you'll remember me when you're short a couple of steaks.

[ooc | You know that feeling, 'OH! I remember what it was I forgot now!'? Have some of that. And also a very hungry, bored speedster. ]
27th-May-2011 05:56 pm - Third Shift
Okay, what is up with this flood? I've been trying to talk to people all day and I haven't got more than a word or two in response. Is everyone ignoring me a part of the flood? Because honestly, I'd prefer the random injuries.

[ Sigh. ]

I'm not going to get any responses, am I.

[ooc | For this flood, everybody has forgotten about Wally. You were going to have lunch with him? Something must have come up. There was something you wanted to tell him? Well, it can't have been that important.

Oh, that's right, you were going to respond to this post, weren't you? You're a bit busy at the moment. Maybe later. ]
21st-May-2011 05:30 am - Eighteenth Race
the thinker
That was... an experience. What was that exactly? A parallel Earth? I didn't realize the ship could do that, now that I think of it.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that even as different people with different histories some things stay the same. Like our apparent propensity for murder.

[ Private to all cr ]

Is everyone okay? I have to admit I'm a lot less useful in a bind as a 19th century mechanic than I am normally.
16th-May-2011 12:15 pm - Seventeenth Race
stop it my head hurts
[ Video ]

[ This post is set to video for a very obvious reason: to put on display a massive pile of books, ranging from physics and biology to philosophy and the occult. And when I say massive, I don't mean a college kid doing a research paper. I mean twenty college kids doing a research paper. In fact, Wally is only there in voice. ]

I've been doing some research, working on a problem back home when I'm not working with Drake or trying to convince people not to try to kill him, and I've found something out.

[ A disembodied hand reaches out to grab a book on physics from the year 2099. He flips to a page about the speed of light, explaining how a thing's mass will change with speed. ]

My powers make no sense whatsoever. Do I get a phone home option? Because I'm starting to think Linda made it all up. It doesn't even make much sense mythologically. Yes, I said mythologically. No wonder STAR Labs had so much trouble figuring it out, it's all completely insane.

Does anybody know where I can find a book on the speedforce itself? It sure as heck isn't in this library. You'd think with centuries of material, someone would have written about it eventually.
5th-May-2011 04:25 pm - Sixteenth Race
[ Voice - Warden Filter after the Doctor's comment ]

I know that time works differently on the barge, but it's hard to get comfortable knowing that trouble's waiting back home. I never really appreciated before how hard some of the wardens here work, knowing that lives are at stake. It's so weird not being able to call Linda and ask how the kids are doing. I know how they're doing, but it's not the same.

How do you guys do it? Sit around all day, reading or going about your business, knowing that while you're stuck here trying to do a long job, the people you care about are dead or dying all the time?
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